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campaign-for-real-time-photo Campaign for Reel Time  IMG_0209

Campaign for Real Time is a trio including Betsy on fiddle, Bill Tomczak on clarinet, sax & percussion, and Mark Douglass on piano.  They play for contras and English Country Dance, and they might be having more fun than the dancers.

fine-companions-picFine Companions

This quartet has become a regional favorite for English Country Dancing.  The band features Betsy on fiddle, Lisa Scott on piano, Bill Tomczak on clarinet & saxophone, and Erik Weberg on flute.  Lots of dreamy textures and rich harmonies!  Plus plenty of laughter.


The BFD is a trio with Betsy, Fran Slefer on button accordion & Dan Compton on guitar.  They play mostly Irish for contra dances about every other month at Fulton Community Center in Portland.  They’re friends and neighbors who simply enjoy each others’ company. For details, see the Schedule page.

portland megaband The Portland Megaband

This huge contra dance band puts on a benefit dance each March. For more info, visit Portland Megaband.  Betsy helps to choose the tunes, make arrangements for the band, and (with Sue Songer) records the practice CD for the group each year.

Besides these bands, Betsy collaborates regularly with a wide variety of musicians in a mix of combinations.  These include:  Elizabeth Nicholson, Leela Grace, Lisa Ornstein, David Kaynor, Larry Unger, Max Newman, Sue Songer, Erik Weberg, George Penk, Earl Gaddis, Nils Fredland, Maldon Meehan, Kathryn Claire, Kevin Carr, and Peter Siegel.

IMG_2296IMG_0024 (2)DSCF2092  stage shot Phinney RidgeBetsy & David Kaynor house concert

fiddlefrau DSCF2181                IMG_0056