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Weekly on Tuesday nights!  8-10 pm: A group of local women jam on trad Irish tunes at T.C. O’Leary’s, 2926 NE Alberta St.  Come have a pint and listen to great live music.

2nd Thursday tune sessions and jams: Betsy and George Penk rotate teaching contra tunes from 7-9 on 2nd Thursdays. Every third session is a jam open to all. All teaching and jam sessions are FREE, sponsored by PCDC. For a list of tunes taught over the years, visit PCDC Tune Sessions.

April 12-13: Fiddle Hellions will play for Fiddle Hell Online. Betsy and George Penk will also teach a twin fiddle workshop, and Betsy will teach a fiddle ergonomics workshop. Workshop participants will have 4 months of access to ALL Fiddle Hell workshops.

April 19, 6:30 pm: I’ll play the 3rd Friday Portland Ceili with Maldon Meehan calling. Waverly United Church of Christ, 3300 SE Woodward.

May 21-27: Along with Sue Songer (piano) and English fiddler Linda Game, I’ll be playing some gigs in Alaska. Homer Contra Dance on May 22, plus the Dancing Bears Dance Camp in Wasilla.

May 31-June 2: Fine Companions will play for the Heather and Rose English dance weekend at Suttle Lake.

June 16-22: Betsy will play for Hey Days English Dance and Music week in Northern California, playing for English and teaching pub songs.

June 29: Betsy & George Penk will lead the PCDC open band for the 5th Saturday contra.

July 7-12: Betsy, along with Sue Songer, Peter Siegel & Jesse Partridge, will teach for Dance Musicians Week at John C Campbell Folkschool in Brasstown, NC.

July 22-26: Betsy will teach in Portland for the Portland Kid Fiddle Camp located at Pacific Crest School. A fun way to meet lots of other kid fiddlers! Cellos, violas and guitars also welcome.

August 5-9: Betsy will teach for the second week of the Portland Kid Fiddle Camp.